Public Education

Merleyn spent K-12 in Norman Public Schools and knows the value of high-quality public education. She is the only candidate for HD45 who stood with teachers day after day during the teacher walkout at our capitol and she has no plans of backing down from the fight for increased funding for our schools.

Funding Core Services

State funding to public agencies has been cut drastically in recent years, putting our most vulnerable neighbors at risk. Merleyn knows we must invest in our public agencies so they can best serve all Oklahoma’s communities.

Our Military Veterans

Merleyn’s father fought for years to secure his rights as a disabled veteran. We can and should do better for those who serve our country. 

A vibrant community includes access to healthcare for all of its residents. Merleyn is a supporter of Medicaid expansion, an opportunity that would provide care for more Oklahomans, while growing our economy, and saving state funds.

Affordable Healthcare

Mass incarceration is draining our state budget and damaging our communities. We need comprehensive reform. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Only 13% of Oklahoma’s legislators are women. We must elect more strong leaders  to amplify  the voices of women across our state.

The Rights of Women